• "I absolutely love the wallet. I used to carry a money clip and store my cards and cash that way because I like the silhouette and cut down on bulk. Ever since I got the Air Wallet, its now my main wallet. It's so practical that my wife steals it to use on weekends or nights when we go out to store her cards and ID. Fantastic product!"

    Dr Daniel Tran
    Dallas, Texas

  • "I absolutely love the Air Wallet X! It works for me in my everyday life and is just splendid. The materials used are top of the line and it's is so easy to use on an everyday basis. All I have to do is just take out my card with the slide of my fingers instead of taking out my huge wallet. It's so convenient! I thought I would not even use it, knowing I have many cardholders... I use the Air Wallet X everyday and it's just perfect!"

    Tyler Brown
    Blogger - Menswear & Lifestyle

  • “Absolutely LOVE the Air Wallet. I always had the traditional wallet with the money clip and thought I would never switch to this style. Although I love the style, I thought I would only use it for a few weeks and switch back. But it’s been more than five months now and it still has a home in my pocket to this day!”

    Robin Nuber
    Vancouver, Canada

  • "I love using the Tile Wallet! I used to use a big wallet but after using the Tile Wallet, I realized I can fit all my card as well as coins in my Tile Wallet! No need to carry my old heavy wallet anymore, yay! It fits in the pockets and is super light! Also, I can't talk enough about the quality and its beautiful design. I love how it's simple and functional!"

    Zubeyde Sheth
    San Francisco, CA

  • "The Air Wallet highlights simple and innovative design. As a product for everyday use, it performs well and showcases sublime quality. A perfect and compact daily carry for all situations!"

    Callum Cowie
    Photographer & Content Creator, UK

  • "I really love the the Air Wallet! It replaced my old card holder - which I loved - and I haven’t regretted it! It’s so lightweight and well designed."

    Austin Whittle
    New York City, NY

  • "Great product! I used to carry a bigger wallet - sometimes two. I’ve been using the Air Wallet X for five months now. It holds my notes and cards in one minimal style just the way I like it."

    Jimmy La
    London, UK

  • "The Air Wallet X has actually now become my official wallet to hold both cards and cash. I love minimalist and pure designs and this wallet is exactly that. It’s also compact and lightweight which makes it very useful to me as a frequent traveller. Really enjoying it!"

    Michael Sallaz
    Annecy, France

  • "The Air Wallet is exactly what I’d been looking for. I’m really picky and had been looking for something that was minimal, sleek, and had a little rugged practicality - NOT easy to find. Then I found the Air Wallet and discovered that, in fact, I CAN have my cake and eat it too!"

    Michael Barrio
    Albuquerque, New Mexico

  • "l am so so happy with the Air Wallet X! l always have it in my backpack and l receive so many  compliments on it. l am studying architecture and all my colleges admire your minimalistic design. l really could not be happier with it."

    Bernarda Vidmajer
    Architecture Student, Slovenia

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