How we built a bag with Lomography

December 25, 2016

How we built a bag with Lomography

We're always open to collaborate with cool brands.

These past few months we've been working with Lomography to build a custom camera bag exclusive for their new camera model - Lomo'Instant Automat - which was launched on Kickstarter.

We started ground up. Our friends at Lomography were kind enough to share a 3D-printed model of the Automat which we then used to build out the basic dimensions of the bag. Through many research calls and actual usage trips, we then learnt that the instant camera clan usually carries more than the conventional camera user - they would usually carry an extra pack of instant film and some additional lenses for creating different visual effects.

While understanding the needs of the typical user, we then had to converge our unique design process and aesthetics together with the aesthetics of the Automat and Lomography. After several prototypes and actual user testing we then settled on one that we all liked.

Photo credits: Lomography