CableBand - MultiPurpose Cable Organizer (Stripes)

  • Imagine slipping a t-shirt over your head. CableBands are designed to work in a similar way. To fully enjoy the CableBand, follow the guidelines below:
    1. Wind the cable around your fingers or hands and SQUEEZE the middle to top part of the cables which will fit into the CableBand.
    2. SLIP the CableBand around the top of the wounded cables.
    3. SLIDE the CableBand along the sides of the wounded cables to the middle.

  • CableBands should be used without stretching it between your fingers. Try to resist the urge to use it like a regular rubber band. Works best with small to medium cables from original manufacturers.

  • - Includes set of 3 CableBands in one pack

    - Made of durable fabric elastic held together with premium Italian vegetable-tanned leather 

    - Handmade free from silicones, plastics and sweatshops

    - Stretches to fit small to medium cords (non-adjustable)

    - Measures approx. 2.5cm x 6cm

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MInimal and lightweight, the CableBand offers a new approach to cable management. Its simple design locks your charging cables in place in its most natural position without pinching or bending, with understated style.