The Spartan Collection


'Spartan' is a range of everyday accessories that redefines minimalism in leather craft, created for uninhibited lifestyles. A creative exercise in simplicity, the items are assembled without the use of a single stitch. Instead the design optimizes the inherent nature of the material to create complex interlocking joints held together with a single strap of fabric elastic or screw. 


Spartan’s construction is free from stitches, rivets and elaborate cuts that would otherwise weaken the leather, highlighting the beauty of unadulterated leather surfaces. More than just aesthetically striking, each item is also pleasurable to use. The hand-finished leather is smooth and buttery to the touch as it wraps gently around the seamless curved edges.


In usage as in its construction, Spartan’s goal is the pursuit of ultimate simplicity. The collection eschews ‘clever’ storage solutions and excessive compartments that encourage hoarding. Rather the products enhances the experience of carrying and accessing our essentials while keeping us free to live our lives on go.


The Spartan collection uses premium Italian vegetable-tanned leather. It is a natural material that is sturdy, supple, malleable, and long-lasting, allowing us to create the uniquely structured shapes that characterize our designs. Vegetable-tanned leather is a classic leather that is steeped in heritage. Its tanning process is an age-old tradition done by skilled craftsmen and more environmentally-friendly than that of the chrome-tanned leather that is used by 90% of the leather industry today.


All products have been put through usage tests for up to 6 months to ensure that they can keep up the demands of everyday carry and come with a three-year warranty. Due to the unconventional design approach, it is recommended to follow usage guidelines on the product page to fully enjoy each one’s intended features.