We use premium Italian vegetable-tanned leather - an amazingly natural, versatile, and long-lasting material. It is sturdy, supple, and malleable, allowing us to create the uniquely structured shapes that characterize our designs.

Vegetable-tanned leather is a classic leather that is steeped in heritage. Its tanning process is an age-old tradition done by skilled craftsmen, unlike the chrome-tanned leather that is used by 90% of the leather industry today.

It is full grain leather which is leather in its purest, most natural state, with no synthetic top finishes. Because of its organic properties, the leather may display subtle markings and imperfections, including slight variations in color. These are the hallmark of genuine leather - a stamp of authenticity and individuality. They are not considered to be defects in any way.

Leather that is tanned by this process gains personality with use. It will not remain pristine and sleek. Colors will darken, textures will develop. The result is a unique patina that will evolve over time, with the leather becoming silky to the touch.