Singular Sleeve - Seamless Sleeve for MacBooks

  • Get maximum features from your minimal sleeve. 


  • Created from a single unstitched piece of leather, the Singular Sleeve is entirely hand-cut and hand-assembled with no hardware - a true balance between simplified utility and minimalist aesthetics.

    - Fits the MacBook and MacBook Pro snugly 

    - Eliminates seams on all sides keeping the sleeve as close to the dimensions of the MacBook as possible 

    - Seamless design mirrors the construction of the new MacBook and MacBook Pro's body

    - Hand burnished with beeswax

    - Backed by our 3-year warranty


    FLAT SHIPPING RATE: $3.95 (for orders <$35) 

    Please allow processing time of up to 4 -6 weeks for pre-orders. Delivery period is  2-3 weeks, with tracking and signature required upon receipt via International Registered Standard Mail. About 80% of our shipments are delivered within 2 weeks.


    The Singular Sleeve is covered by a 3 year warranty from the day they were bought, when used under normal conditions and for the purpose intended.

    Please be aware that vegetable-tanned leather will not remain pristine and sleek. Colors will darken and textures will develop, resulting in a unique patina that will evolve over time.

    This warranty covers faults in materials and workmanship and doesn't apply if damage is caused by unreasonable use or neglect, normal wear and tear, or if you change your mind.

    The Above the Fray warranty sits alongside applicable consumer protection law.

seamless & unadulterated

Fits your MacBook perfectly without any edges that jut out. Made of 100% pure unadulterated vegetable-tanned leather that wraps around your MacBook. No other materials involved.